A Home For Emy - Based on a true story


A Home For Emy is based on the true story of Chris Turnbull's family dog Emy.

On this page we delve deeper into the story to pick out which parts are Facts, and which parts are Fiction


  • A litter of puppies and their Mother were left tied outsite the dog shelter.


  • The pups were within a basket.


  • The puppies were less than a week old when abandoned.


  • The Mother dog was a pedigree Border Collie.


  • The note - A heartfelt note was left with the puppies, but the exact context I am unable to remember after all these years.


  • Using the name Meg for the Mother dog is fictional - in all honesty I could not remember her name. Meg is the name given to my friends Border Collie who they got only weeks after we got Emy.


  • In the book the kennel worker gives Emy her name - in actual fact the name given to her in the kennels was Pee (as in Pee Wee) because she was the smallest.


  • Who left the animals at the shelter?...This was never discovered, so my charecter of an older lady is made up. However with the use of a shopping trolley of this style and the content of the note, it was highly speculated to be an older person.


  • I have no knowledge of who took home the other puppies or even the Mother dog.