A Home For Emy is the first Children's book by author Chris Turnbull. Based on true events that took place in 2004 Chris has spend the past few years bringing it back to life with the help of artist Rebecca Sharp; who has illustrated the book beautifully using water colours.

A Home For Emy

Based on a True Story.

On a cold autumn morning a basket of young puppies are left on the doorstep of an animal shelter with their Mother.

One by one they slowly leave for their new homes.

The smallest puppy, Emy watches as her brothers and sisters leave, and hopes that she too will find a home in time for Christmas.



A heart warming story based on true events. A Home for Emy tells the tale of one dogs wish for a loving family.

Emy Gets A Sister

The Second Emy Book

Based on True Events.

Emy loves her new home, and she loves her human family.


So it was a shock when one day they took her back to the shelter.


However this trip to the shelter is not to return her, but to find her a sister!

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