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A Home for Emy is based on a true story. Here you can see pictures of the real Emy, as well as find out what parts of the book are facts and which have been added for fiction.


Also find out more about the Author and Illustrator who have spent months bringing this story to life

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Both Emy books have gone on to be a huge success with children and families around the world. We are constantly being sent pictures, letters and reviews from people of all ages which has made our little book even more special

- so thank you!

A Home For Emy is the first book written by Chris Turnbull for children and my 7 year old son was excited to receive a paperback copy as an early Christmas present. My son asked me to read this to him as his bedtime story that evening and he's asked for me to read it again several times since. It's very rare that he asks for the same book again so soon or repeatedly like he has with A Home For Emy.

I can't recommend A Home For Emy enough as it's perfect for children and I can't see any child not enjoying this book. Chris Turnbull writes in a way that encourages children to become involved in the story and whilst Emy’s story is very moving, they will be left with a smile on their face due to the happy ending. This is definitely a book that I'd buy as a gift for other children and I can't wait for book 2 to be released so that my son and I can join Emy on her contained journey.

After seeing what an amazing children's writer Chris Turnbull is, I'm excited to read the books he has written for adults. I already have paperback copies of Carousel and The Vintage Coat, which I'll be jumping straight into. This is definitely one of those times when I'm super excited to have discovered a new author who I'll be keeping up to date with.

Meet the Author & Illustrator

Chris Turnbull - Author


Chris has always been a keen reader and writer, he loves the feeling of been drawn into a good book and the escapism into another world after a long day at work.

In 2013, after finishing his first full lengh story Chris released time travel story The Vintage Coat on Amazon and had a successful book launch in Leeds.

With the publishing bug now set, Chris is enjoying writing more than ever.


"My writing needs to excite me, for if it doesn't then why would it the reader."

Rebecca Sharp - illustrator 


Bekki is based in West Yorkshire in the UK where she draws and paints from her own studio. Bekki enjoys using a range of media from graphite, to acylic and coloured pencil.

Bekki accepts all commissions, and loves putting her own personality into the work where possible.


"Nothing feels better than doing what you love to do..and being creative is the best gift I've ever been given."

5* Review by Angelina Smith